Quality of perfection.
Perfection of quality


Fundamental research

Global Insulator Group is keeping an eye on the development trends in the power industry research and development field. The company is constantly expanding its competencies and employing them in the development of new types of products.

  • 64 intellectual properties.
  • An independent laboratory
  • We're constantly running product tests to confirm compliance with various standards, such as GOST R, IEC, ANSI, BS
Fundamental research

R&D in production processes

Innovative products manufacture requires a special approach, including the improvement of production technology. For this reason, GIG is continuously monitoring quality and improving processes.

  • 24/7 fully automated production process quality assurance
  • High quality of products confirmed by independent international experts
  • Quality of glass insulators at level 4∑.
  • A third thermal shock to ensure quality and reliability of toughened glass insulators
  • The bubble-free technology allows producing composite insulators without any foreign inclusions in the material
  • The composite insulators are manufactured in one molding cycle without any seams or joints


All production facilities have testing laboratories that perform type and routine tests.

The testing center meets the requirements of national and international standards, which is confirmed by a certificate of accreditation.

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Operation and assessment

The GIG Technical Department coordinates production processes in all product lines.
All new products are designed to meet customer specifications, in accordance with intended operating conditions and international standards.
Our technicians are always ready to provide expert support at all stages of the overhead line design process.

  • Reduced cost of operation, repairs, and maintenance of overhead line insulators
  • String insulators design to reduce the impact on insulation from lightning, icing, industrial pollution, birds, corrosion and salt fog
  • Finding optimal solutions for operation in severe environments (long-distance lines, long inter-pylon distances, high mountain terrains, river crossings)
  • Design of insulator strings to reduce power transmission losses
  • Online insulation monitoring
  • Low-adhesion coating examination

How to increase the service life and productivity of insulators?

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