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Global Insulator Group get back to the office

Dear Customers, Suppliers, Partners,

Last months were difficult for everyone in the world. Global Insulator Group like everyone else was forced to cope with difficulties. Our great team immediately from the most senior person to last of the juniors could adapt and learn to work in new ways and have the courage to continue working.

During this tough time, we implemented many of the decisions to continue to support customers and fulfill commitments in due time. For example, we implemented digital procedure of the sample and routine tests for customers. Thus, customers may personally supervise test operation without leaving its location. Despite all restrictions we have shipped record numbers of insulators.

Since the beginning, GIG has set up a strict protocol for the people who work in our manufacturers to grant their health, safety, and especially those of their friends and families.

I want to thank our great team who continue to work during this difficult time, our customers and suppliers for the trust they keep on setting on us.

Now step by step lockdown is getting over. However, we remain some of the imposed restrictions with health care to our employees and their family. This could feel like a milestone for company and individuals. Most of us will simply be grateful for seeing our colleagues again & having the chance to interact live.

GIG team is getting back to the office but some still stay working at home due to the complicated situation in their cities. 

However, corona virus has not been vanished yet so while you move out, please follow all the safety precautions. Stay safe, keep social distance and take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Take care. Stay healthy.

Andrey Ryzhikov,
Global Insulator Group