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Perfection of quality


Global Insulator Group supplies insulators to a number of major grid companies as well as to oil and gas companies and railways. Over 600 million of our insulators are currently in operation in Russia, the CIS, the EU, America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific. GIG core values - product quality and customer trust. All our products meet international industry standards, such as IEC, BS, GOST R, ANSI as well as market requirements.

Glass insulators

Glass insulators for transmission lines 10-1150 kV


Composite insulators

Composite  insulators for transmission lines and substations 15-765 kV


Hardware fittings

Hardware fittings for transmission lines and substations 35-1150 kV


Porcelain insulators

Porcelain   insulators for transmission lines and substations 0.4-110 kV


Product quality is ensured through automation and close monitoring of the production processes, well-developed R&D and testing facilities, constant efforts to improve product design and production processes.

In order to meet the ever-growing demand GIG regularly implements production improvement and carries out R&D.

Customer policy:

  • modern production
  • high product quality
  • wide product range
  • strict observance of agreement commitments.

The company's production sites and storage facilities are conveniently located in terms of logistics and transit delivery capacities. This allows us to ensure quick delivery of products to customers while keeping delivery costs to a minimum. Global Insulator Group supplies  products around the world via our representatives around the world. We strictly ensure adherence to all production and delivery deadlines as this is our company's substantial advantage for the customers.

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Our managers are always in touch with customers. If you have any question regarding technical characteristics, selection of appropriate type of insulation, please, consult GIG technical assistance specialists. 
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